When it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, restaurant owners and operations executives are enthusiastic about Henny Penny’s line of high-quality, reliable food service equipment. Why? Cost savings, improved food quality and consistency, equipment reliability, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and much, much more.

Find out what’s different about doing business with Henny Penny.

Reliability & Functionality

Georgette LeMieux, VP of Operations for Ortho Foods (McDonald’s) knows what she’s after when purchasing equipment for restaurants: reliability and functionality. “Proper equipment is my job and with Henny Penny it’s a functioning piece of equipment”, she says. “It’s all about removing obstacles….we want reliability, something that works, something that’s not going to break down all the time and that’s what we get.”

Cost Savings & Improved Food Quality

Since using Henny Penny’s equipment, Sonic restaurant owner, Bill Inzer has seen improvements in food consistency and cost savings across the board—in both oil and electrical. “[The] quality of the food is better because the oil stays better [and] the oil lasts longer.” He believes these factors alone have made a huge impact on food quality, consistency and customer satisfaction. “How do you quantify the savings of more customers coming in through profit? It’s hard to say, but Henny Penny is affecting quality.”

Responsive Service

McDonald’s owner Dave Sparks knows he’s backed by Henny Penny’s superior service and technical support team if he needs them. “They do a great job of supporting the restaurant, they’ve been responsive, they come out whenever there is a need. We haven’t had to have them out much…but they’ve done a nice job when we’ve needed them”.

To hear these folks talk more about how Henny Penny has impacted their food service operation, watch their testimonials in full.

The Henny Penny Advantage

Restaurant owners and operations managers see how Henny Penny’s equipment reliability and state-of-the-art technology have changed their food service program. The Evolution Elite and Velocity Series fryers feature built-in filtration and guarantee superior quality food in less time with less oil. Flex Fusion combi-ovens are unlike any piece of equipment out there because they perform all of the cook functions food service programs depend on without requiring multiple pieces of equipment. Henny Penny’s holding cabinets keep food fresh and ready to serve, while merchandising units enhance product visibility.

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