FlexFusion Gold Series

Need value-driven equipment with manual controls that performs multiple cooking modes? Look no further than the FlexFusion Gold Series. This Combi-oven provides fast, consistent cooking with the resourcefulness necessary to replace steamers, grills and convection ovens.


Performance & Value


Product Options:

FGE 615  Electric
FGG 615  Gas
FGE 115  Electric
FGG 115  Gas
FGE 215  Electric
FGG 215  Gas



Let Five Point Kitchen Solutions show you how performance, capacity, and value converge with the FlexFusion Gold Series—contact us today at 817-422-5870.


FlexFusion Gold Series Features:               

  • FlexiRack—available on select models—is an innovative racking system that utilizes longer pans to increase cooking capacity up to 100%.
  • DynaSteam2 boilerless steam distributes moisture instantly and evenly throughout while saving energy with no need for a wasteful boiler.
  • WaveClean technology automatically cleans and sanitizes to HACCP standards using 36% less water.
  • ClimaSelect technology maintains selected humidity levels at 25% increments for precise cooking.
  • Simple Dial Controls for experienced chefs who prefer less automation are more comfortable with manual cooking adjustments