900 Series Heated Holding

Looking for standard holding cabinets to preserve a variety of items on your menu?  The 900 Series Heated Holding Cabinet keeps nearly any food at its desired temperature until it’s ready to serve. Although initially designed to hold large quantities of fried chicken, the 900 Series is suitable for menu items ranging from pasta to baked potatoes and vegetables to eggs.


Never Sacrifice Freshness



Product Options:
HHC 900  Full size
HHC 902  Stacked
HHC 903  Half size

Asian markets
HC 15 Full size
HC 5 Half size
SHC 10 Stacked
HCN 5 Half size countertop



900 Series Features

  • Dual-fan design with heavy-duty blower motors and ventilated side racks to circulate hot moist air evenly throughout
  • Separate operating times, temperature set points, and countdown timer controls
  • High visibility display and signals to alert employees of status while performing other tasks
  • Fully insulated cabinet and tight-sealing doors to reduce energy costs


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