EPC Express Profit Center

The Express Profit Center provides a compact, mobile unit that offers long holding times.  Equipped to keep fresh pre-packaged foods at safe temperatures for easy customer access, the EPC’s innovative design offers all the features you need.


Mobile Efficiency

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EPC 200
EPC 300 Short
EPC 400 Short
EPC 301 Tall
EPC 401 Tall




EPC Features

  • Air Curtain Technology directs hot air across the open front of the unit, ensuring customer convenience and food freshness
  • Adjustable temperature controls for deck and shelves maintain safe food temperatures
  • Clear panels, angled shelves and LED lighting guarantees high product visibility
  • PLUS: Customize width, height and shelf capacities for walls, end caps, or freestanding for the perfect fit near checkout lanes and other high-traffic areas…


Who says you can’t get power out of a compact, mobile merchandising unit?  Contact Five Point Kitchen Solutions at 817-422-5870 and we’ll show you how!