HMR Heated Merchandiser

The HMR heated merchandiser provides a full or self-service hot food display to your fresh food program. Capable of making food look just as good as it tastes, the HMR is an impeccably designed and brilliantly lit case to display a wide range of menu items.


Attractive & Functional




HMR 103
HMR 104
HMR 105
HMR 106
HMR 107

Base units:
PBB 190
MPB 103–107


HMR Features

  • THERMA-VEC Technology circulates heat throughout, keeping food hot and fresh
  • Independent heat and temperature controls manage temperatures in each well
  • High quality glass and halogen lights add an appealing display
  • PLUS: Customize well size, base style and height, front glass or open self-serve, and more…


Let us show you how this modular heated merchandising system can change the appearance of your foodservice program—contact Five Point Kitchen Solutions at 817-422-5870.