The Henny Penny Evolution Elite Series Open Fryer is cooking innovation at it’s finest. Capable of producing superior food in less time, with less oil, the features of this open fryer allow you to execute a premium quality food program with reduced overhead. User-friendly, high volume capacity and cleaner, fresher tasting products are some of the many benefits you get when upgrading to the Evolution Elite.

What’s so special about the Evolution Elite?

Oil vat is 40% more shallow for the same high-volume cooking capacity of traditional fryers, but the oil savings are over 40%.

Offers 2x the oil life when compared to traditional fryers with built-in filtration, and up to 10x the oil life in contrast to fryers with no filter.

When combined, these advantages alone result in 70-95% reduction in oil waste for most operators who switch to the Evolution Elite. This translates directly into significant savings on your bottom line every year, and $50,000+ over the life of the fryer.

In addition to compact vats and extended oil life, high-efficiency operation allows you to filter each vat in 4 minutes or less. But that’s not all, there are numerous technologies and user-friendly features packed into the Evolution Elite…

  • The Oil Guardian™ system monitors oil levels and replenishes when necessary without manual oil disposal.
  • Smart Touch Filtration™ improves oil quality with the click of a button, improving employee productivity and ease of use.
  • iControl™ is a user-friendly, intuitive interface that stores multiple cook programs along with many other fully customizable features.

Cook more with less oil


Filter Oil in Just 4 Minutes

Begin oil filtration with the press of a button, the Evolution Elite takes care of the rest:  

  1. Automatically drains oil
  2. Vat is rinsed with fresh oil
  3. Hot, filtered oil returns to vat openfryer

Other vats are operational during filtration which increases productivity and eliminates inconveniencing downtime.


Precise levels of fresh oil–consistent food quality

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite Series Open Fryer is engineered to not only perform and save, but with a 7-year frypot warranty, equipment is reliable and durable. Sealed with an ENERGY STAR® mark, these fryers are oil and energy efficient with rapid temperature recovery.  

Get more frying power for your investment

Let us show you how these innovative technologies can increase the productivity and efficiency of your food program.  Learn more about the Evolution Elite Series Open Fryer, and other Henny Penny products, by contacting Five Point today at 817-422-5870.  


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