Customer Pain Point

Foodservice corporations and multiunit restaurant chains often dread the task of updating menus and food programs. Executing a change like this involves intensive planning for how to proceed with the least amount of risk, while guaranteeing food is consistent, high quality and backed by superior customer service. Many of our clients don’t have the time or resources for in-house menu development and employee training. They’re also used to delivering the same menu items, so there is difficulty with agility when updates and menu changes are required. These are the very challenges that Henny Penny open fryers, pressure fryers, and combi-ovens solve.

The Solution is in the Technology

Both the Evolution Elite open fryers (electric models EEE 141, 142, 143, 144 and gas models EEG241, 242, 243, 244) as well as pressure fryers in the Velocity Series all have USB technology. This may just seem like one feature out of many that come with Henny Penny fryers, but you’ll never imagine the caliber of technology packed into this tiny thumb drive. In fact, it’s all the technology your foodservice program needs to easily facilitate new items in less time with fewer resources to make it happen.

The unique Henny Penny USB technology allows you to update fryers at any time, as well as review settings and controls in real-time–it’s user friendly for everyone involved in the foodservice operation. Need to change a menu item on the fly? Plug in the USB and update items immediately. Need to alter settings on fryers in a multi-unit chain operation? No problem, nationwide chains can update menus simultaneously while maintaining quality and consistency of the product across their entire operation.

Case in point– Ever wonder how McDonald’s or ChickFila serves batch after batch of delicious, perfectly cooked french fries? They use Henny Penny fryers.

The Evolution Elite Open Fryers

The Evolution Elite open fryers series are all about producing superior quality food in less time, with less manpower and less oil! Each open fryer is user-friendly and offers high speed and quality, producing fresher tasting food. But again, what’s behind the reliability and accessibility of Henny Penny open fryers? The technology! This series of open fryers offers the following features:

  • iControl™ provides a simple, intuitive interface that lets you store 40 cook programs and offers a host of features, like idle and melt modes, load compensation, filter tracking, multiple language settings, USB support, and more.
  • The Oil Guardian™ sensor-activated system monitors oil levels and automatically replenishes oil from a reservoir inside the fryer cabinet, eliminating manual add-backs and frequent oil disposal.
  • Smart Touch Filtration™ improves oil savings, product quality and employee productivity by filtering individual vats at the touch of a button, while allowing other vats to cook uninterrupted.


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The Velocity Series Fryers


Velocity Series Image

Velocity Series pressure and open fryers make it possible to save energy, reduce cost, and most importantly do more with less! This series of fryers are perfect for foodservice programs that need a high-volume solution that saves oil, labor and time. Whether you need a PXE pressure fryer or OXE open fryer, we have both options in the Velocity series high capacity fryers. Both models include automatic filtration and top-off, smaller fry-pot design and 4x the oil life. But that’s not all– the Velocity Series features unique technology:

  • USB support for easy updates in one or all chain locations, continuous activity logs, monthly reports and more
  • User-friendly, intuitive next-generation touch/tap controls
  • Menu-style 3-line digital display
  • Store up to 160 programmable products and cook cycles
  • Pressure lock monitoring
  • Completely automatic oil filtration after every batch, with minimal cooking disruption


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