Are you in need for new equipment in your commercial kitchen? Are you looking for replacement parts or repair service? Why work with a distributor who sells you the unit, then leaves you high and dry? Why take on the hassle of dealing with various companies who just pass the buck, when you can work with one expert partner who is here for you and learns your specific needs? We will be by your side every step of the way — from demonstrating equipment before you buy, to training your staff on delivery, and supporting you with on-site technical service for the life of the equipment.


The Five Point Kitchen Solutions team is dedicated to help decrease operational costs and improve efficiency—upon purchase and for the life of your equipment. We genuinely care about you and your company’s success.  


A unique distributor model paired with one-on-one technical support allows us to work with you on a direct level each and every time—this is the foundation for building a long-term relationship that’s focused on service and solutions.


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Five Point Kitchen Solutions understands the impact of equipment downtime on your business. It’s not just an inconvenience; it’s detrimental to your company’s brand.  When you need a repair, the replacement parts are likely right in our technician’s vehicle in your parking lot, so we can get you up and running quickly. Additionally, our unmatched after-sales phone support eliminates the need for on-site service calls by almost 50% and the highly trained distributor network puts you in direct contact with your local team so you can do business on a personal level.  When you partner with us, you can rest assured we have your back.


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The Henny Penny Difference

Sure, anyone can sell kitchen equipment and show you how it works, but how easy is it to ask operational questions for your specific needs, to get technical support or  request service or parts replacement?  During times like these you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to keep your food service program afloat. You need responsiveness, and with Five Point Kitchen Solutions that’s exactly what you get.


Exclusive Distribution

Our Henny Penny team has distributors in every region. Each distributor in the network serves as a customer’s point of contact. If you need on-site service, sales consultations or technical support, any one of the 100+ worldwide exclusive distributors can help. Whether you need local support only in Texas, or you need support worldwide for your growing business, we are there to make your team successful. Distributors in the Henny Penny network work together. If you have a multi-unit chain, your point of contact at one location works as a team with those in another location, improving the success and efficiency of the entire operation.


Knowledge & Expert Support

From food scientists who study the effects of humidity and temperature, to the engineers and chefs who put equipment to the test in our advanced kitchen, the entire Five Point Kitchen Solutions team is comprised of individuals who are driven by innovation and desire. That passion and knowledge goes beyond design and performance—every distributor in our network has expert knowledge of Henny Penny equipment. This means we identify exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. We also guarantee correct ordering so your shipment is right the first time.



Choosing the right equipment and placing your order into manufacturing is only part of doing business with Five Point Kitchen Solutions. What happens when the equipment arrives?  When you work with us you’re gaining access to an unmatched network of support, resources and training.  We believe ongoing, in-house training is the only way for you and your staff to use equipment to the best of your ability.  Tuning software for your needs, programming equipment, safety training, warranty service, and everything else in between—we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re reaching out to your distributor for assistance, or calling our technical support hotline to speak with a technician, every member of our team is armed with the knowledge to help you.


Five Point Kitchen Solutions–Exclusive Supplier of Henny Penny Equipment

There’s a reason Henny Penny equipment has been a staple in professional kitchens and retail operations for over 50 years. Want to find out more?  Contact Five Point Kitchen Solutions today at (817) 422-5870 for a complimentary kitchen evaluation.  Curious to see for yourself?  Ask us about stopping by our demo kitchen to see these powerful pieces of equipment in action!