5 Reasons Why Henny Penny Combi Ovens Are A Great Investment for Your Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to multi-purpose appliances for commercial kitchens, the Henny Penny Combi oven is a top choice. With its immense potential and diverse functionality, many food service managers are opting to purchase the Henny Penny Combi oven over the competition to save time and money.

Wondering why Henny Penny Combi ovens are so sought after in the commercial kitchen? Read on:

A Steamer, Grill, and Convection Oven All-in-One

An all-in-one multipurpose appliance that:

  • Saves you the additional cost of getting 3 entirely separate appliances.
  • Results in lower operating and maintenance costs for 1 instead of 3 appliances
  • Requires a much smaller footprint overall – a much-needed feature for saving substantial kitchen space in smaller commercial kitchen layouts.

Precise Cooking Ability

Tired of having to deal with over or undercooked orders? Avoid the problem altogether with combi ovens from Henny Penny that allow you to churn out standardized and delicious meals cooked to precision.

Thanks to the powerful yet energy-efficient boiler technology system, cooking with the exact amount of moisture required to obtain optimal cooking results is entirely automated – and hence able to be repeated again and again for consistent quality and standards.

Automated Multi-Stage Cooking Programs

Understaffed in the kitchen? Not to worry! These combi ovens now come equipped with storage for you to set your cooking recipes (up to 20 steps each), that you can customize for your menu requirements. Alternatively, choose from up to 350 pre-set AutoChef cooking programs that come ready to use.

Simply set the program and all your staff needs to do is to prep the ingredients, place them inside the oven, press a button, and voila a meal will be prepared automatically according to the pre-set instructions. This frees up time for the kitchen staff to complete their other tasks.

Self-Cleaning Capabilities

Clean up is a laborious, non-value-adding, yet essential activity that no one likes. Did you know Henny Penny combi ovens can help take away your clean-up woes?

Thanks to its proprietary WaveClean automatic cleaning system that cleans and rinses the interior, you no longer need to allocate downtime for your staff to stay back after operating hours to clean up the bulky and greasy kitchen equipment.

Multiple Capacities with Versatility to Double Up

Depending on your current and future needs, Henny Penny combi ovens come with varying capacities to suit your needs – from 6 to 40 full-size sheet pans.

Need to expand your capacity but do not want to get another oven? These multipurpose ovens also come with the option of FlexiRack high-capacity pans and grids that can easily double up your cooking capacity with the same equipment.

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