Pressure Fryer

Model 600

Four-head pressure fryers produce load after load of healthier, better-tasting fried chicken from less than 20 inches of wall space. Original color-keyed spindle makes it easy to create a perfect pressure seal every time.

  • ZPatented lid lock system
  • ZBuild-in oil filtration
  • Z7-year fry pot warranty

Model 600

Unlike Any Fryer You’ve
Ever Used Before

Pressure frying seals in food’s natural juices and reduces the amount of oil absorbed into product. Frying under pressure enables lower cooking temperatures for longer oil life, and faster cooking times. Operators can choose either low or high wattage immersed heating elements that generate fast temperature recovery and welcome energy savings. Henny Penny pressure fryers have a patented lid lock and color-keyed spindle that make it easy to create a perfect pressure seal every time. A built-in filtration system filters and returns hot frying oil in minutes. The Computron™ 8000 is a digital control panel featuring automatic, programmable operation, as well as energy-saving, filtration and cook management functions.



Features + Benefits

  • Z40% less oil, same throughput as 50 lb vat
  • ZAutomatic oil top-off from JIB or onboard reservoir
  • ZSmart Touch Filtration™ 4-minute filter
  • ZiControl™ up to 40 cook programs plus suite of frying and energy management features
  • ZUSB connectivity to update software and pull data
  • ZHeavy-duty stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  • ZEarns ENERGY STAR® mark
  • ZElectric: Hinged elements lift for easy vat cleaning
  • ZGas: High-efficiency burners with solid-state ignition
  • ZOptional built-in bulk oil disposal
  • ZOptional automatic basket lift


Technical Details




product dimensions

Height 48.00 in (1219 mm) to top of stack

Height 63.00 in (1575 mm) with lid up

Width 19.70 in (483 mm)

Depth 38.60 in (980 mm)



Length 44 in (1118 mm)

Depth 27 in (686 mm)

Height 56 in (1420 mm)

Volume 39 ft3 (1.1 m3 )

Weight 380 lb (172 kg)


43 lb or 22 L

Electrical Data
Volts Phase Hertz kW Amps Wire
120 1 60 1.15 10.0 2+G
190-208 1 50 or 60 1.15 6.0 2+G
220-240 1 50 or 60 1.15 6.0 2+G
230 1 50 1.15 6.0 1NG
Heating Data

Natural gas or liquid petroleum

1 burner

0.50 in gas line

80,000 BTU/hr or 21.1 kW

Accessories With Unit

Filter screen with standard filter media (2 PHT filter envelopes)


Accessories and options available separately

  • 3-tiered basket
  • Locking basket handle
  • Full-size basket and handle
  • Crumb pan and handle
  • Filter pan dolly

Choose one:

  • Filter rinse hose OR
  • Direct Connect shortening disposal
Required Clearances

Top 15 in (381 mm) lid up

Sides 6 in (152 mm) air flow, minimum 1 side

Back 6 in (152 mm) air flow, connections

Front 30 in (762 mm) remove filter pan

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