How to clean your Flex Fusion Combi Oven with Wave Clean

With the Henny Penny Flex Fusion combi oven you can cook just about everything, sometimes everything means a whole new level of mess. Fortunately, with Henny Penny Wave Clean technology cleaning your combi oven is as easy as pushing a button. In this post we are going to go over, what is the Wave Clean system, some of the bennifits of the Wave Clean system, as well as a step by step guide in how to get it done in your kitchen.


What is Wave Clean technology?

Wave Clean is a powerful and efficient cleaning system that is built into the Henny Penny Flex Fusion combi oven. It uses high-pressure water jets and a powerful two part cleaning pod to penetrate and remove stubborn food residue, grease, and grime from the oven’s interior. When using the Wave Clean system you will use on of our special cleaning pods. These pods have two layers of wax that melt at different temperatures to let out the detergent for the toughest messes and the rinse to make sure everything returns to a food safe environment. The outside layer of wax is completely food safe so you’ll never have to worry about special PPE during handling. The cleaning process is quick and thorough, leaving your oven spotless and hygienic in a matter of minutes.


Benefits of Using Wave Clean:

  1. Saves time and labor: Wave Clean eliminates the need for manual scrubbing and cleaning, freeing up time for other tasks.
  2. Improves hygiene: The high-pressure water jets thoroughly clean the oven’s interior, reducing the risk of food-borne illness and maintaining a sanitary kitchen environment.
  3. Increases efficiency: A clean oven operates more efficiently and consistently, ensuring that your dishes are cooked to perfection every time.
  4. Enhances longevity: Regular cleaning with Wave Clean helps to extend the life of your Henny Penny Flex Fusion combi Oven.


How to Use Wave Clean:

Start by going to your control panel and press the wave clean button in the top corner. The oven will give you a description of how it is about to clean your oven and click the green check button to continue.It will give you 3 options for cleaning; short, normal or extra. Don’t worry each of these will use the same amount of water (10 gal) so make sure to choose whichever is best for your mess.

After a quick water pressure test the oven will instruct you to open the door and insert the wave clean pod into the left holding pod. If you have an extra big mess feel free to put a second pod in the back slot for double the cleaning action. Confirm the cartridge is inserted and then it is good to go.

Once the clean is finished don’t forget to take out the cleaning pod and hit confirm on your screen and you are ready to start cleaning again.


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