Mozzarella Sticks in the Henny Penny Evolution Elite & 320 Series Fryers

Mozzarella sticks are great. The issue that you’re going to run into is blowout, once the cheese gets hot and breaks through the breading. So, having a well-timed cook cycle every single time is going to allow you to prevent blowouts. But even better than that, as you can see, we’re able to filter on one side and fry on the other. So, you’re not losing any downtime to filtration. Filtering should be going on throughout the day and it shouldn’t be stopping you from cooking.

If you did have a blowout and you had some loose cheese in the vat, that’s going to be taken down to the filtration system, which is keeping your oil clean, giving you clean flavors, and allowing you to prolong your oil use.

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