Simple Steps to Increase Productivity in Your Commercial Kitchen

If you run a quick serve, or fast food restaurant, you’re familiar with customers expecting speedy service and a consistent menu. 

So, what can a restaurant owner or head chef do to help ensure the productivity of your kitchen and best serve customers’ expectations?

Here are three simple tips:

  • Keep the kitchen organized.
  • Get the right equipment for the job.
  • Regularly maintain your equipment.

Read on to learn more about how to bring efficiency in the kitchen to the next level!

Keep the Kitchen Organized

Everything in a kitchen needs its place – from ingredient supplies and cooking tools to large equipment and more.

With an organized set up, food preparation system and workflow in place, the team in the kitchen is able to focus and churn out orders, instead of wasting time and effort in the process.

Here are some kitchen organizational hacks you can consider:

  • Placing your tools (e.g., fryer) in intuitive places within each cooking station.
  • Develop a pre-opening preparation process and post-closing clean-up process.
  • Establish a workflow for every order – and ensure it is well communicated and understood by everyone in the kitchen.

Set Up Your Kitchen with Professional Equipment

Apart from getting your processes in order, a commercial kitchen with large numbers of orders, needs the right professional equipment to ensure best-in-class efficiency as well as quality.

For instance, if your restaurant serves a large quantity of fried products, a professional fryer can help you save money and time while improving quality.

Here are three simple reasons why professional equipment like Henny Penny’s Velocity Series Pressure Fryer are much better than any fryer you have used before:

  •  4 X Longer Oil Life – means less consumption and effort to replace the oil (that’s both money and time saved!)
  • Automatic Oil Filtration System and Top Off – ensures that your product is always cooked in the right amount of oil which increases food quality
  • Pressure frying system – helps to cook faster at a lower temperature and the food absorbs less oil, so it is healthier for your customers (win-win for both you and the customers!)

Maintain the Equipment and Tools

Since equipment and tools are key to the smooth and efficient operation of a commercial kitchen, it comes naturally that maintenance of these items is essential to decrease the likelihood of downtime.

Make sure you take note of these key maintenance tips:

  • Routine cleaning, inspection, and replacement of parts for fryers or other commercial equipment
  • Cleaning vent hood and ducts – apart from wiping down the exterior surfaces, you also need to clean internally to remove built-up grease
  •  Wiping down of refrigerators and freezers – clearing out expired food
  •  Periodic checks on dishwashers and grease traps to prevent clogging of systems

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