Countertop & Modular Holding

Want efficient holding options without sacrificing space in a tight kitchen?  Countertop & Modular Holding Cabinets are the perfect solution for holding small amounts of food for fast, convenient access.  Although every holding cabinet in this category delivers energy efficiency and precise temperature control, the unit itself is fully customizable for compatibility with your food service operation.


Compact Units & Precise Temperature Control














Product Options:

Multi-purpose                     Modular                      Countertop Display                    Bun Warmers
MPC 1L                                   MP 941-944                       CW 114                                         BW 4
MPC 21L dual access                                                        CW 216                                         BW 6
MPC 22                                                                              HCW 3                                           BW 8
MPC 222 dual access                                                        HCS 5
MPC 554                                                                            HCW 5


Countertop & Modular Holding Features

  • Multi-purpose drawer pan configurations and single-drawer modules that operate separately or combined as two, three or four-drawer units
  • Convenient product access that promotes uninterrupted workflow
  • Standard pan sizes, high product visibility and access, positive closures, and long-lasting stainless steel construction


Learn more about this compact and powerful holding cabinet–contact Five Point Kitchen Solutions at 817-422-5870.