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Flexfusion Commercial Combi

Operate at a different scale with Henny Penny’s 20 pan Max combi. Serve customers in banquet halls, cafeteria settings, and food halls. Replaces steamers, grills, and convection ovens, so you’re saving substantial kitchen space. Henny Penny combi ovens allow you to save on operating and maintenance.  

  • ZCapacitive Touch Controls
  • ZUp to 100% Increased Capacity
  • Z2-in-1 Self-Cleaning Cartridge

Flexfusion Commercial Combi

Powerful Yet Highly

Henny Penny FlexFusion combi ovens combine different cooking methods into one piece of equipment with the flexibility to cook nearly everything on your menu to perfection. The FlexFusion combi incorporates a powerful yet highly energyefficient boiler less steam generation system that instantly adds or eliminates the precise amount of moisture needed to maintain desired cooking conditions…all while saving more energy and water than ever through an improved heat exchange design. What really sets the FlexFusion combi oven apart is its ease of use. The Platinum Series features Chef’sTouch, an intuitive control system with a durable 7inch touch/swipe screen that makes cooking with FlexFusion as easy as using a smart phone! Just tap the app for everything from cookandhold to cleaning and troubleshooting. 


Features + Benefits

  • ZChef’sTouch™ Control System for Automatic or easy manual cooking
  • ZDurable 7 - inch high resolution touch/swipe screen
  • ZFull-color display, video assist
  • ZCreate your own recipes (up to 20 steps each) or select from 350 AutoChef cooking programs
  • ZSelect and use apps for cooking, serving convenience, cleaning, diagnostics and more
  • ZUse ClimaSelect Plus to set and maintain humidity levels at 10% increments from 0% to 100% RH
  • ZAdjust individual settings before or during cooking
  • ZMulti-sensor food probe
  • ZTemperature in °F or °C
  • ZChoose language for operations and service diagnostics
  • Z20-level roll-in mobile oven rack with tilt-resistant rails


Technical Details


FPEM 221, Electric
FPGM 221, Gas
product dimensions

FPEM221 Electric / FPGM 221 Gas
Height 77.12 in (1959 mm), 79.13 (2010 mm) top of stack
Width 43.89 in (1115 mm)
Depth 39.33 in (999 mm)


FPEM221 Electric, FPGM 221 Gas

  • 20 fullsize sheet pans 18 x 26 in (460 x 660 mm) lengthwise on wire shelves
  • 40 fullsize 2.5 in (65 mm) steam table pans crosswise, per rail
  • 12 standard 6chicken grids crosswise, 2 per rail, 72 chickens per load
Electrical Data

FPEM221 Electric / FPGM 221 Gas

208 3 60 55.0 152.7 3+G
240 3 60 73.0 175.6 3+G
480 3 60 64.7 78.3 3+G
For Gas Units
120 1 60 1.0 7.2 1NG
230 1 50/60 1.0 3.8 1NG
Heating Data

FPEM221 Electric / FPGM 221 Gas
Max temperature 
572°F (300°C)
Natural gas or liquid petroleum 
0.75 in gas line NPT external thread 
178,000 BTU/hr or 52kW/hr 
Max temperature 482°F (250°C)

Accessories With Unit

FPEM221 Electric / FPGM 221 Gas
Two-in-one cleaning cartridges
Additional mobile oven racks
Chicken Grids
Barcode scanning app

Required Clearances

FPEM221 Electric / FPGM 221 Gas
Left 20 in (500 mm) service access
Right 2 in (50 mm) air flow 
Back 2 in (50 mm) air flow, utilities 
Front 28 in(700 mm) door open

Flexfusion Commercial Resources


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  • Diamond grill rack (accessory)
  • Searing rack (accessory)
  • Chicken rack (accessory) # 03717
  • Egg pan (accessory) 
  • Cleaning cartridges (accessory) #MM10012976
  • Black Hole Unit (Equipment)

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