Velocity Series PXE

This product line is a completely new commercial pressure fryer designed to lower the cost of high-volume frying. The Velocity provides nearly four times the oil life. Less work for the crew to maintain and less oil for you to purchase.

  • Z4x Longer Oil Life
  • ZAutomatic Oil Filtration
  • ZAutomatic Oil Top-Off

Velocity Series

Unlike Any Fryer You’ve
Ever Used Before

Pressure fried foods absorb less oil and retain more natural juices and flavor. Pressure frying also cooks food faster at lower temperatures. The Velocity Series commercial pressure fryer improves product quality and reduces cost of ownership. The Velocity Series cooks 8-bone-in chickens per load with 25% less oil! A completely automatic filtration system filters the oil after every cook cycle in about the time it takes to rack the next load. With automatic oil top off the quality of product is improved because it is always being cooked in the right amount of oil. The Velocity Series pressure fryer can extend oil life by 300%. Additionally, it also includes the next generation touch control providing an intuitive menu style interface expandable to 160 products.


Features + Benefits

  • ZCooks 8-head chicken in 25% less oil than other high-volume fryers
  • ZReplenishes oil automatically from onboard reservoir—no manual add-backs, fewer disposals
  • ZFilters automatically after every cook cycle, oil jets rinse pot
  • ZAutomatic pressure lock, lock status monitored
  • ZTouch/tap controls up to 160 cook programs, pressure lock status, suite of frying and cook management features, USB port
  • ZPatented counter-balanced lid lift system easy enough to raise and lower with one hand
  • ZHigh-efficiency heating for fast recovery
  • ZHeavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with 7-year warranty
  • ZOptional built-in bulk oil disposal
  • ZLower deck for easier racking


Technical Details



OXE 100 Electric

PXE 100 Electric

product dimensions

OXE 100 Electric

Height 57.00 in (1448 mm) to top of stack
Height 72.00 in (1829 mm) lid up to clean
Width 24.00 in (610 mm)
Length 41.00 in (1041 mm)

Length 45 in (1143 mm)
Depth 30 in (762 mm)
Height 65 in (1651 mm)
Volume 51 ft3 (1.44 m3 )
Weight 665 lb (302 kg)


PXE 100 Electric

Height 62.00 in (1575 mm) to top of stack
Height 72.00 in (1829 mm) lid up to clean
Width 24.00 in (610 mm)
Length 41.00 in (1041 mm)

Length 45 in (1143 mm)
Depth 30 in (762 mm)
Height 65 in (1651 mm)
Volume 51 ft3 (1.44 m3 )
Weight 877 lb (398 kg)


Oil capacity

Fry vat 75 lb or 38 L

Reservoir 15 lb or 8 L

Electrical Data
Volts Phase Hertz kW Amps Wire
208 3 60 17.0 47.2 3+G*
240 3 60 17.0 40.9 3+G*
380 3 50 17.0 25.8 3NG
415 3 50 17.0 23.7 3NG
480 3 60 17.0 20.5 3+G
Heating Data


4 immersed elements

4.25 kW each/17.0 kW total

Accessories With Unit

Accessories shipped with unit

Loading carrier and cover rack

 4 wire baskets and basket handle  

Quick-connect drain pan with casters and locking cover

Large capacity crumb catcher

Quick-connect filter screen

2 filter screen clips with handles

100 PHT filter envelopes

3 brushes and vat scraper


Available options and accessories

Bulk oil disposal system with choice of front or rear dispose

Additional baskets or half racks

ODS 300 50 lb oil disposal shuttle

Required Clearances

Required clearances

Top 6 in (152 mm) lid up to clean

Sides 6 in (152 mm) air flow

Back 6 in (152 mm) air flow

Front 38 in (965 mm) remove filter pan

Velocity Series Resources


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  • Prime cleaner (accessory) P#(12400).
  • Filter Envelopes (accessory) P#(12102).
  • Brush Kit – P#(03736).
  • ODS-300 shortening shutle (equipment).
  • BM-110 (Equipment).
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