3 Ways to Help Optimize Back-of-House Operations in Your Restaurant

As the owner or chef of a high-end restaurant, optimizing back-of-house operations to ensure your establishment runs smoothly is most likely one of your daily challenges.

In a high-pressure environment where processes are expected to work like clockwork and customers are constantly raising the bar, you might find yourself wondering what you can do to stay ahead of the game?

Ensuring your operations are streamlined is one of the most important investments you can make to create a top notch front of house experience.  Here are some three areas to consider:

  • Take the time to hire good people and train them well
  • Source quality ingredients, organize and store them smartly and efficiently
  • Utilize efficient & smart equipment

Hire Well and Train Well

The heart and soul of any kitchen is its people. Which is why one of the most critical steps of optimizing kitchen operations starts with the staff.

To ensure smooth operations, you must be able to find the right staff and train them well to be familiar with the workflows behind the scenes. Consider creating a simple employee manual that has the standard operating procedures they need to be aware of. These days it is really easy with software like Blissbook!

And last but not least, never be afraid to fire any employee if they are not up to standard. A smooth-running kitchen is like a well-oiled machine and you won’t want that one employee to shift your results.

Source, Organize & Store Quality Ingredients Smartly & Efficiently

Apart from people, the key to creating amazing and great food is all about the ingredients. Which is why it’s important to ensure your food sourcing and storage is reliable. 

Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Screen your suppliers for natural and quality ingredients and do regular quality checks
  • Source locally where possible for freshness
  • Have proper storage (at appropriate temperatures) for different types of ingredients and ways to avoid cross-contamination
  • Follow first in first out procedures
  • Store frequently used ingredients at easy to access locations to avoid time wasting

Utilize Smart & Efficient Equipment

And last but not least, even with the best chefs and freshest ingredients, good equipment is the final element of the trifecta that is essential in creating consistent high-quality meals.

Not convinced? Here is an example how a cutting-edge smart professional kitchen equipment like Henny Penny’s Flexfusion SpaceSaver Combi can benefit your operations:

  • Multipurpose combi oven with ability to steam, grill and double up as a convection oven – now you can save on the price and space of 3 bulky appliances with this one smart device! And it can cook in large batches too!
  • Comes with Pre-Programmable App so that the head chefs can set their desired settings and the team can just apply it at the click of a button – yay to consistent cooking every single time
  • Energy and water efficient cooking system
  •  Self-cleaning at the touch of a button – doesn’t that sound like a dream?

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