Filtering your Henny Penny F5 open fryer

Hello and welcome back to another episode of our ‘Now You Know’ series at Five Points! Today, we’re excited to introduce you to the incredible filtering capabilities of Henny Penny’s new F5 low oil volume open fryer, right here in our Five Point Demo Kitchen.

Let’s explore how this fryer notifies you to filter throughout a typical cooking day and the steps to start a manual Express Filter. This fryer is known for its rapid filtering – believe it or not, it can complete the task in under two minutes! So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and show you how it’s done.

F5 Fryer: Guided Filtering Process

1. Cook Time Ends: Once your cooking program’s timer starts sounding off and you acknowledge it, you’ll be prompted to perform an Express Filter. This is a smart feature that after a set number of cooks, recognizes when it’s time to filter.

2. Acknowledge Filtering: At this point, acknowledge the prompt to start the filter process. Don’t forget to skim before you start.

3. Drain and Wash Mode: The fryer first enters the drain and washing mode, which drains the oil to the drain pan while automatically activating the circulating jets. This action stirs the oil around the bottom of the vat, making it easier to clean any debris located on the sides of the vat.

4. Refilling Stage: After a few seconds of washing, the fryer enters the refilling stage. The oil is pumped from the drain pan back into the vat until it reaches the fill line. When there’s no more oil left to pump, you’ll see a rolling bubble at the top of the vat. The fryer then recognizes it’s full, stops the pump, and heats the vat until it’s ready, bringing you back to the cooking screen.

Starting a Manual Express Filter

If you want to manually start a filter:

  1. Hit the ‘menu’ button located in the bottom left of the control panel.
  2. Select the ‘oil and filter’ subsection.
  3. Click on ‘Express filter’.
  4. This will lead you to the same screen where you skim the vat before acknowledging the start of the filter process.

And that’s all it takes! You now know how to perform an Express Filter on the new F5 series open fryer. This device, with only a 30-pound oil capacity per vat, ensures fast, frequent filtration to keep your oil looking and tasting fresh for days or even weeks before needing to be disposed of.

For even longer oil life, you can also incorporate Henny Penny’s oil extender powder. If you’re interested in seeing the fryer in action, make sure to visit our website and book a demo at one of our kitchens to learn more.

We hope this post has been insightful! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to our ‘Now You Know’ series to keep up-to-date with the latest on the F5 and other appliances. That’s all for now. Happy cooking and see you in the next installment!



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