BonChon’s Secret to Success: A Partnership of Innovation and Exceptional Service

The secret sauce to running a successful restaurant chain lies not just in the food you serve but in the backbone that supports it – the equipment that keeps the operation running and the partners you rely on to ensure everything runs smoothly. We recently sat down with Cameron, a multi-unit manager at BonChon, to hear how their partnership with Five Point and Henny Penny have contributed to their success.

BonChon, known for its unique and delectable double-fried chicken, has its roots in the inspiring story of its creator, Mr. Seo. Starting as a sauce salesman, he worked his way up, selling sauces to restaurants until he had enough resources to open his own establishment. From this humble beginning, BonChon has evolved into a booming business.

One of the key aspects that set BonChon apart is its signature double-fry method in our Henny Penny 340 Open Fryers. As Cameron put it, “our double fry is what we’re known for. If you ever eat it, you’re going to hear the Crunch, and it’s cool because like you can drastically hear it from the next table.”

Interestingly, when Cameron first started BonChon, they didn’t use timers for frying. Having experienced the ease of using timers from his previous stint with a wing company. However, he appreciates that BonChon is not resistant to evolution and growth. Over time, they’ve adopted different methods and have embraced innovations in their operations.

A significant part of BonChon’s successful operations is its rigorous training for all employees. “Every time a new franchise is opened or anything new, they have to come through here,” explains Cameron. The goal is to maintain a high standard of service and consistency across all outlets.

The story takes a turn when Cameron speaks about BonChon’s equipment partners, Five Point and Henny Penny. He talks about the exceptional service provided by their representatives. What won Cameron over wasn’t just the quality of the equipment but the personal touch and dedication of the service reps.

“I’ve never met a rep that personally checks in without us calling them. He’ll just come stop by, see how everything’s going, ask all this other stuff,” Cameron shares. This proactive and caring approach is what sets Five Point and Henny Penny apart.

Cameron further explains how vital this level of service is to a restaurant operator. When equipment goes down, it can be a nightmare. But with Five Point and Henny Penny, Cameron knows he has a partner that will swiftly respond to any issues.

The key takeaway from our conversation with Cameron of BonChon is the immense value of a strong, dedicated partnership. While good equipment is important, it is the personal relationship and the reliability of partners like Five Point and Henny Penny that make a difference. It’s not just about ensuring the equipment runs smoothly; it’s about knowing someone’s got your back if anything goes wrong.

The BonChon story offers invaluable lessons to restaurateurs about the importance of evolving, maintaining high standards, and choosing partners that are committed to providing exceptional service. A dedication to quality, both in the food you serve and the equipment you use, combined with a commitment to outstanding customer service, is a recipe for success.



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