Cooking with Henny Penny Flex Combi: Salmon

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, my name is Jesse. Welcome to the demo kitchen. 

Today in the Henny Penny space saver combi, we’re going to be making a mediterranean steamed salmon with green onions and a white wine sauce. Let’s get started.

When putting this dish together, you’re going to cut the green onions to fit in the plate, put a couple pads of butter in and then I use chardonnay wine because I feel like that was a good pairing to make a little bit of a sauce. On top of that, you’re placing the piece of fish, then a couple of thinly sliced pieces of lemon for a little bit of flavor, but also for appearance. Then, a little bit of dill on top just to give it a nice crisp look. 

When getting ready to make this dish, we’re choosing to use a program that’s preset. The beauty of using a preset program is you’re creating a system in order to cook a dish so that it’s consistent across different chefs and cooks that are working in the kitchen from night to night. By doing things with a preset program, that’s allowing them more flexibility in the kitchen in order to make their menu better. 

The beauty of a combi oven is that it’s not just an oven, it’s also a steamer. By putting a combi oven into the steaming mode, you’re able to fully envelop it in steam natively in the cooking chamber. 

The fish is done, we were at 135 degrees, which is what our customer wanted here in the demo kitchen. We’re going to just squeeze a little lemon on and add just a slight bit of dill on top just to dress up and freshen up the garnish on top. 

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