Deep Cleaning Your Henny Penny 340 Open Fryer: A Step-by-Step Guide



Welcome back to the Five Points “Now You Know” series! Today we’re focusing on the Henny Penny 340  and 320 open fryer and showing you how to effectively perform a clean-out. Scotty from the Five Point Demo Kitchen is going to take you step-by-step through this essential process.

What exactly is a clean-out, you might ask? Once you’ve discarded your fryer’s used oil, you might notice some carbon buildup or debris inside the vat that stubbornly refuses to wipe off with a regular towel or brush. But fear not, with a mix of Henny Penny’s Prime cleaner and water, your vat can be brought back to its original shine. Let’s dive right into the procedure.

Step 1: Drain the Oil

Start by opening the fryer door and removing the drain pan. You can do this by unscrewing the drain union located above the pan. Once unscrewed, remove the pan and insert your ODS (Oil Disposal Shuttle) or any other oil disposal method you prefer. Once in place, slowly turn the drain valve to the open position to prevent any splashback, allowing the oil to drain into the shuttle. This used oil can then be disposed of according to your standard oil disposal procedures.

Step 2: Add Water and Cleaner

Next, fill the vat with enough water to cover the oil ring (that slightly discolored ring on the outside of the vat). It’s important to ensure we clean as thoroughly as possible. Now it’s time to add our Henny Penny Prime cleaner packets (part number 12400). For larger capacity fryers like the Henny Penny 340, we suggest using two to three packets for a full clean.

Step 3: Start the Clean Cycle

Head over to the control panel and switch it to the ‘on’ position. Once the fryer reaches the melt cycle, hold the left timer until ‘clean out’ starts flashing on the panel. Simply acknowledge this by selecting option one (‘yes’), and the clean-out process will start.

While the cleaning mixture does its magic, make sure to periodically scrub with a gong brush throughout the cycle.

Step 4: Drain and Rinse

After about 45 minutes, the cleaning cycle is complete. The control panel will notify you of this, and you can then switch the fryer off. With a clean and empty drain pan, dispose of the cleaning water by slowly turning the drain valve. This can be done in a nearby sink or floor drain.

There will probably be a few crumbs left at the bottom of the vat, so rinse this off with a bit more water. Keep in mind that water and oil don’t mix well, so be sure to dry the vat as much as possible before the next ste

Step 5: Refill with Oil

With your vat clean and dry, it’s time to add fresh, beautiful oil. Ensure you fill enough oil just to reach the bottom fill line – not all the way to the top, because the oil will expand once it’s heated.

Step 6: Back to Cooking

Congratulations! You can now turn the fryer back on. You’ll be prompted if the vat is filled – click ‘yes’ and it’s back to heating and cooking delicious food!

And that’s all there is to it. A clean-out should be done every couple of weeks or as needed based on your cooking volume. Remember, clean-outs not only keep the inside of the vat spotless but also clean the probes and sensors, enabling them to deliver clear readings to the control panel.

By regularly cleaning your Henny Penny 340 series open fryer, this dependable piece of equipment will continue producing delicious food for years to come. If you want to see it live in action or need further assistance, make sure to check out our website and book a demo.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our “Now You Know” series for more helpful tips and tricks. Until next time, happy frying!




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