Get to know… The Flex Fusion Combi Oven

Are you tired of the same old, boring cooking equipment in your kitchen? Say goodbye to bland meals and hello to delicious dishes with the Henny Penny Flex Fusion Combi Oven!

What’s a Combi Oven, You Ask?

Think of a combi oven as a triple threat in the kitchen. It’s got many cooking modes all in one: steam, convection, and a combination of both, rethermalization, sous vide, and even smoking! This means you can cook a variety of dishes with ease and get creative in the kitchen.

Why Choose the Flex Fusion Combi Oven?

The Henny Penny Flex Fusion Combi Oven is compact, yet packs a powerful punch. The Flex Fusion Platinum is a compact piece of equipment that can do the job of many units all in one to save you space and time. Worried about the your space under the hood? We even have a more compact unit the Henny Penny Flex Fusion Space Saver that has its own built in hood and has a smaller footprint then the already compact Flex Fusion Platinum.

This oven comes with hundreds of recipes already programmed in so on day one you can get cooking. You also have the option to program in your own recipes so you can make sure your meals are cooked exactly how you like every time. Go check out our video on how to program our recipe in the Combi ovens.

What Can You Cook in the Flex Fusion Combi Oven?

With the Flex Fusion, the possibilities are endless! Love roasted meats and veggies? The oven’s combination cooking mode creates the perfect balance of moist and dry heat for mouth-watering results. Craving a hearty stew or soup? The steam cooking mode produces steam quickly to keep your dish nice and moist. And for delicate dishes like fish, the oven’s gentle heat is just what you need.

The Benefits of Cooking with the Flex Fusion Combi Oven

Not only is the Flex Fusion versatile, but it’s also efficient! The combination cooking mode uses less energy compared to traditional cooking methods. Clean up is a breeze, too! The stainless steel interior and removable door make cleaning a snap, and the self-cleaning mode takes care of the rest. Check out our video about the Wave Clean technology for a deeper dive.

And last but not least, the Flex Fusion is an eco-friendly choice for your kitchen. It uses less energy and self-cleans with less water and chemicals, so you can cook with a clear conscience.

In conclusion, the Henny Penny Flex Fusion Combi Oven is a cooking game-changer. With its compact design, powerful cooking capabilities, user-friendly interface, and eco-friendly features, it’s time to upgrade your kitchen and start cooking like a pro!

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