How to Clean Your Henny Penny Velocity Pressure Fryer



Hello, everyone! Welcome to the ultimate guide for cleaning the Henny Penny Velocity 8-Head Pressure Fryer. In this blog post, we’ll cover a step-by-step process to help you perform a deep clean on your pressure fryer, ensuring it operates efficiently and maintains its optimal performance. We’ll focus on the clean-out process, which helps remove stubborn carbon buildup inside the fryer vat. So, let’s dive in and learn the art of keeping your Henny Penny Pressure Fryer in tip-top shape!

Preparing for the Clean-out Process:

First things first, gather all the necessary cleaning supplies before starting the clean-out process. You’ll need a gong brush, cleaning powder (Henny Penny’s Prime Cleaner), fresh oil, and an oil disposal shuttle (ODS). Once you have everything in place, you’re ready to begin the cleaning process.

Step-by-Step Clean-out Guide:

Initiate the Clean-out Process:

  • On the control panel, hold the menu button for three seconds to access the menu options. Select Option 1 (Filter Menu), then scroll to Option 7 (Dispose) using the menu button. This will enable you to drain the oil into the oil disposal shuttle.


Position the Oil Disposal Shuttle (ODS):

  • Remove the drain pan and place the ODS beneath the drain valve. Once in position, confirm on the control panel, and the oil will start draining into the shuttle.


Discard the Used Oil:

  • Drain the oil in small batches and transfer it to your designated bulk oil disposal location. Continue this process until all the oil has been removed from the fryer vat.


Initiate the Clean-out Cycle:

  • Return to the control panel and select Option 1 (Filter Menu) again. This time, choose Option 8 (Clean-out). Follow the on-screen prompts and confirm that all the oil has been removed from the fryer vat.


Fill the Vat with Water and Henny Penny Prime Cleaner:

  • Fill the vat with water up to the fill line or where the oil ring indicates carbon buildup. Add three Henny Penny Prime Cleaner packets (part number 12400) due to the fryer’s large capacity.


Start the Cleaning Cycle:

  • Follow the control panel’s prompts to begin the cleaning cycle. During the cycle, use the gong brush to scrub any dirty parts of the fryer periodically.


Drain and Clean the Drain Pan:

  • Once the cleaning cycle is complete, the control panel will prompt you to insert a clean drain pan. Thoroughly clean the dirty drain pan before sliding it under the fryer.


Drain the Cleaning Solution:

  • Drain the cleaning solution in small batches into the clean drain pan by holding the drain button. Dispose of the solution in a nearby sink or floor drain.


Scrub and Rinse the Fryer Vat:

  • After draining the cleaning solution, scrub any remaining dirty areas of the vat. The control panel will prompt you to confirm the vat is empty before opening the drain to rinse the vat with a small amount of water. This will remove any remaining buildup and debris.


Purge Old Oil and Dry the Vat:

  • The control panel will automatically prompt you to purge any old oil from the lines before wiping the vat completely clean with a towel or paper towel. Remember to dry the vat thoroughly, as water and oil don’t mix well.


Refill the Fryer with Fresh Oil:

  • With the cleaning process complete, refill the fryer with fresh oil up to the bottom fill line. Once heated, the oil will expand to the right fill line, and your fryer will be ready for use.

Performing a deep clean on your Henny Penny Velocity Pressure Fryer is essential to maintain its efficiency and longevity. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll ensure your fryer stays in optimal condition, allowing it to produce delicious, high-quality food for years to come. Clean-outs should be done every couple of weeks or as needed, based on your cooking volume. Regular clean-outs not only keep your fryer looking fresh and new but also ensure that probes and sensors accurately communicate with the control panel.

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