Revolutionizing Frying with Henny Penny’s F5 Open Fryer


Hello there, folks! I’m excited to bring to you a transformative innovation straight from the heart of the kitchen: Henny Penny’s new F5 low oil volume open fryer. Engineered meticulously over several years, this invention heralds a new era in frying technology.

Henny Penny’s F5 open fryer stands out with its fresh features: a touchscreen control panel, and an impressive, lightning-fast oil filtration system. In this blog post, we’ll dig into the benefits of low oil volume frying and explore the distinctive features that set the F5 apart from its counterparts.

The Future of Frying

Picture a fryer that effortlessly blends technology, efficiency, and serviceability into one compact appliance. The Henny Penny F5 open fryer, or LOV fryer, holds this vision and brings it to life. The LOV fryer boasts a 30-pound oil capacity per vat, complete with a sensor-activated Auto top-off system. This clever function tops up the oil whenever it runs low, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation.

Touchscreen Magic

The F5 fryer introduces a touch screen user interface designed to save precious time in programming and training. But the advantages don’t stop at time savings. The interactive panel allows you to customize your food products as per your unique requirements, elevating your frying game to a new level of precision.

Speedy Filtration

The F5 fryer is fitted with an upgraded 8 gallon per minute pump, enabling the fastest filtration cycle of any Henny Penny fryer to date. This feature reduces downtime, enhances productivity, and ensures the consistent taste and quality of your fried goods.

Currently, the F5 fryer is available only in electric configurations, with options ranging from one to four vat configurations. This flexibility allows kitchens of different sizes and volumes to enjoy the benefits of this groundbreaking innovation.

See It to Believe It

The Henny Penny F5 series open fryer is designed to serve the kitchens of the future, combining touch screen control panels, an upgraded pump, and unparalleled serviceability. But don’t just take my word for it. See the F5 fryer in action by booking a demo at one of our Five Point Demo Kitchens.

To find out more about how the F5 is changing the standards of kitchen operation, visit our website. And if you’re interested in staying up-to-date on our latest innovations, make sure to subscribe to our ‘Now You Know’ series.

Stay tuned for our next video, where we’ll demonstrate how to program a food product on the control panel. Until then, this is Scotty from the Five Point Demo Kitchen, signing off.


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