Filter your Henny Penny 4 head fryer in 5 easy steps

Filtering is an important part of what makes Henny Penny friers a top of the line piece of cooking equipment in any serious commercial kitchen. This is what allows your oil to stay fresh over many cooks and extend your oil life without compromising the taste of future fries. With the PXE pressure frier you can easily filter throughout the day without taking away from valuable cook time. Before we jump into the how to let’s talk about what it does, why its so important and when are the best times to do it.

What is filtering and why should you be doing it?

When you are cooking in your in your pressure frier you are looking for that perfect crispy breading layer. With that cooking process comes some fall off that if not dealt with properly can scorch and start to affect the taste of your cooks. When you filter with it will remove that debris or fall off, return your oil to the sweet spot making sure you get clean flavor for future cooks and ultimately extend the oil life of your oil saving you countless dollars. Think about it like roasting a marshmallow over an open flame, you want to make sure you are always getting it golden brown and never black. If you want to know more about how much it can save your kitchen click here to use Henny Penny’s oil saving calculator.

When should you be filtering. 

The more you filter the cleaner your oil will be but it is not always possible to do that in the middle of a busy shift. When talking to our customers we have found that the best times to filter is first thing in the morning when the frier has heated to temperature. Again after your initial rush (typically lunch time) and before or after your second rush (typically dinner time). We have found this strikes the perfect balance of getting the most debris out of your frier without interrupting your cook schedule. Luckily it only takes a few minutes to filter so if you find that you have a few minutes throughout the day feel free to do it more for even better results.

How to run a filter in 5 easy steps?

First lets go over the the different valves to make sure we know all the necessary terms.

The drain valve on the left controls whether the oil drains or fills the fry pot.

Next we have the return valve in the middle.

Next we have the the bulk dispose on the right.

Finally we have our wing nut on the bottom which seals the connection to the drain pan.

1) To start the filtering process flip the switch on the control panel to turn the fryer off. Next turn the return valve to the open position which will allow the oil to flow back into the fry pot.

2) Now turn the drain handle a quarter turn. This is to make sure no oil is waisted by splashing out in the initial flow. After a few seconds turn it fully open and the wait until all of the oil has drained into the pan.


3) Go to your control pannel and turn the pump to the on position. While your pump is running take your white gong brush [Henny Penny part number 12116] and whipe away any debris at the bottom of the fry pot.


4) Once the fry pot is fully scrubbed turn the drain valve back to the closed position. This will slowly fill the fry pot back with oil. You will know when this is done when you have rolling bubbles in the fry pot.


5) Finally close the return valve and turn on the fryer to let the temp get back up to cooking temperature. When the fryer asks if it is filled click one for yes so it can get back to cooking.


And thats all there is to it. Filtering is a breeze with the 4 head Henny Penny fryer and can save you tons of money in the kitchen and keep your products tasting fresh every time.



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