Filtering the Evolution Elite

With the Henny Penny Evolution Elite, fall off and debris can fill up quickly especially since it is using such a low amount of oil. This is why it is so important to know how to filter to make sure you keep your oil tasting clean and lasting for a long time.

Today we are covering the importance of frequent filtering, how to perform an express filter and when you should be filtering.

Why is it important to filter?

Whenever you are doing any kind of open frying you are going to be getting a certain amount of fall off from your breaded products before it is done cooking. This is nothing to be afraid of but if not taken care of properly this can pile up and scorch just like a marshmallow over an open flame.

When should you be filtering?

For best results we recommend that you filter at the beginning of the day and before and after your typical rush times. After talking with our customers we have found this works best to keep your oil clean without getting in the way of important cook times. Fortunately the autofiltration setting on the Evolution Elite only takes 4 minutes or less so even if you forgot and need to filter in a pinch there should be minimal interruptions. Plus if you have more then one vat you can still cook on the other vats while one is cooking, how cool is that!

Step 1: Getting started

hit one of the two F buttons on the control panel to bring up the filter menu.

Our first option is the express filter and you and hit 1 to select it.

It will then prompt you to hit 1 and skim the vat for any floating debris

Finally hit 1 a final time to confirm. That is three total 1’s in a row to get started.


Step 2: Draining

The drain valve will automatically open up and let oil drain to the plan. Once the drain is empty the pump will cut on and automatically go into the wash cycle. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING IN STEP 2

Step 3: Washing

Two return jets will circulate the oil removing any debris and flushing it into the drain pan. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING IN STEP 3

Step4: Filling

After a handful of second the oil will start to return to the vat. Once it is filled the oil will start bubbling and then the pump will cut off and start to reheat. YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING IN STEP 4

As you can see the process of filtering your Henny Penny Evolution elite is a breeze and the unit does most of the work for you.

And thats all there is to it. Even filtering manually is a breeze with the Henny Penny Evolution Elite, but don’t forget this unit will handle most of the leg work by running one of these filters automatically after every cook cycle. If you would like to know more fill out this quick form and a Five Point Equipment Specialist will reach out and answer any questions you have.



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