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Hello and welcome to our first blog posts in a series highlighting the 340 Series Open Fryer. The 340 is a great fryer for heavy breaded products like chicken or fish. In this series we are going to do a deep dive into some of our favorite features like filtering, programming, and troubleshooting. So stay tuned to learn all you need to become a 340 expert or follow our Now You Know series on youtube if you prefer to learn through video.


In this post we are going to answer the four big W’s about the 340 Open Fryer.


What is the 340 Open Fryer?


Who is the 340 Open Fryer right for?


When is the right time to get a 340 Open Fryer? 


And ultimately Why YOU should get a 340 Open Fryer?


What is the 340 Open Fryer?

The 340 Open Fryer is an open fryer that specializes in heavy breaded products. What makes this so great is the built in cold zone. If you are frying heavy breaded items you might have extra fall off that is especially big. In the 340 Open Fryer this will fall into the cold zone at the bottom of the fry vat to make sure it never compromises the taste or color of your oil. The 340 Open Fryer also has a built-in, easy to use filtration system that can filter your oil in 4 minutes or less. One of our favorite options for the 340 Open Fryer is the Henny Penny Auto Lift system. With Auto Lift you can ensure that all of your products have a precise cook time based on your recipes freeing you up to do other cooking in the kitchen. This is a great way to get a consistent result and save tons on labor. 

Who is the 340 Open Fryer right for?

The 340 Open Fryer is the perfect fit for any concepts who are looking to focus on heavy breaded products at a high volume. If you are looking for a fryer more focused on a light breading then you may want to check out the Evolution Elite. With heavy breaded products can come lots and thick debris. The 340 series is built with these products in mind and will make sure to keep your oil fresh over many cooks. Henny Penny also puts a focus on high volume for all of its machines. The 340 Open Fryer has a high efficiency heating element to make sure that you won’t get stuck waiting during a busy rush for your oil to reheat because of our fast recovery. 


When is the right time to get a 340 Open Fryer? 

If your business is struggling to keep up with the demand on heavy breaded products it may be time to upgrade to the 340 Open Fryer. This unit is perfect for businesses who have outgrown the basic fryer. With the Henny Penny Computron 8000 you can save six unique recipes per vat that will accurately and consistently cook your products exactly the way you want regardless of who is operating it. This will free up your kitchen staff to focus on everything else that makes your concept the best. 


Why YOU should get a 340 Open Fryer?

The 340 Open Fryer is a great option for any concept who wants to take the next step up to help them grow how they like. Its many customizable programs will guarantee consistency on every cook for all menu items. Better yet add on the auto lift to make sure this goes exactly according to plan even if you are busy taking care of something else in your kitchen. With frequent filtering you can extend your oil life to make sure you get the most out of every JIB. It’s available in both Gas and Electric models for whatever best suits your kitchen. The cold zone will make sure any debris lost during the cooking process does not compromise the taste or color of your cooking oil. This unit will stand the test of time in the toughest kitchen environments to make sure you are ready for any rush the day will throw at you.


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