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Hello and welcome to our first blog posts in a series highlighting the Evolution Elite Fryer. The Evolution Elite is our premier open frier focused on low oil consumption, high volume frying and easy-safe use from your staff. Throughout this series we are going to dive deeper into some of our favorite features of the Evolution Elite such as filtering, programming and troubleshooting to make sure you have all the information to make you an Evolution Elite expert. 


In this post we are going to answer the four big W’s about the Evolution Elite.

What is the Evolution Elite?

Who is the Evolution Elite right for?

When is the right time to get an Evolution Elite? 

And ultimately Why YOU should get an Evolution Elite?



What is the Evolution Elite?

The Evolution Elite is a Low Oil Volume (LOV) fryer meaning it requires 40% less (only 30lbs!) then your traditional 50lbs fryers. It has room to store 40 unique recipes that can be programmed manually on the machine or uploaded by USB to make sure you are getting consistent cooks day over day and location by location. The Evolution Elite can also filter in 4 minutes or less and will keep the oil level maintained automatically to help stretch out the life of your oil and keep your employees safe. 

Who is this fryer right for?

Evolution Elite is great for restaurant concepts who are looking to fry freezer-to-fryer items at a high volume. If you are looking for a fryer more focused on heavy breaded products, you may want to check out our blog post about the 320, and 340 series Open Fryers. With high volume frying comes lots of debris. The Evolution Elite has a quick filter process that takes 4 minutes or less to make sure that you can keep your oil clean so that your taste is never compromised and you can extend the life of your oil. We recommend doing this throughout the day in between your kitchen rushes. 


When is the right time to get an Evolution Elite? 

It may be time to upgrade to an Evolution Elite when your concept needs to put out a higher volume of freezer-to-fryer products out of an open fryer. The Evolution Elite can help make sure that you are ready with products for those busy rushes without spending a fortune on oil. Additionally if you have grown your business where you are managing a large staff, the Evolution Elite can save you valuable labor time in training and maintenance with its automatic systems. 


Why YOU should get an Evolution Elite?

Evolution Elite open fryer is the gold standard for efficient frying with only 30 pounds of oil per vat; it delivers maximum throughput in minimal surface area. Its 40 customizable programs means consistency on every cook for all menu items. With features such as built-in Auto filtration and automatic top off end users see their oil life extended for days or even weeks before having to dispose. It’s available in both Gas and Electric with options for one, two, three or four vats. Its fast frequent filtration keeps oil in the sweet spot for color and flavor. Its user-friendly interface is equipped with a USB port for saving or uploading programs as well as an onboard error log for service and troubleshooting The Evolution Elite is the perfect LOV fryer for someone managing a large staff with a high volume of orders. This unit is a workhorse that will guarantee consistent high quality open frying no matter who is operating it. 



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