How to Check the Error Log on the Evolution Elite

Error codes can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if you accidentally cancel them on your Evolution Elite. However, the control panel stores all errors in an error log that can be incredibly useful when calling for service. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to access the error log and understand the information it provides.

Step 1:

Accessing the Control Panel Whether your vat is in the on or off position, you can still access the error log. To do this, make a peace sign with your fingers and press the “I and P” button on the control panel simultaneously. This will enter the info mode.

Step 2:

Accessing the Error Log Once in info mode, you’ll see the first menu option, “ELOG” or error log. Press the lit up down arrow by one of the filter buttons to access the error log.

Step 3:

Understanding the Error Log Information When you access the error log, you’ll see the date and time at which you’re accessing the fryer. By scrolling down one more time, you’ll see the most recent error code that’s been logged on the control panel.

For example, if the control panel displays “November 23rd at 7:20 PM – E20D,” this means that on November 23rd at 7:20 PM, the vat received an E20D error code. Knowing this information can help the dispatcher understand whether the issue can be resolved over the phone or if a certified technician is needed.

Step 4:

Reviewing Previous Errors Using the down arrow, you can scroll through the error log to view any previous errors that have been logged. This can be helpful in determining if there’s a persistent issue or any other recent issues that need to be addressed. The error log can store up to the 25 most recent errors.

Step 5:

Exiting the Error Log When you’re done reviewing the error log, simply make a peace sign and press the “INP” button simultaneously to return to the main menu.


Checking the error log on the Evolution Elite is a straightforward process. Accessing the error log can be crucial when calling for service, as it helps diagnose issues over the phone or determines if a certified technician is needed. Remember to check the error log whenever you encounter an error or accidentally cancel an error code, so you’re always prepared when calling for assistance.


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