How to filter your 340 series Henny Penny Fryer

With the Henny Penny 340 series open fryer, fall off and debris can fill up quickly, especially frying heavy breaded items. This is why it is so important to know how to filter to make sure you keep your oil tasting clean and lasting for a long time.

Today we are covering the importance of frequent filtering, how to perform a manual filter and when you should be filtering.

Why is it important to filter?

The 340 series open fryer is a great all purpose fryer for any kitchen an excels with heavy breaded products. With this can bring a lot of fall of so it is important to filter frequently to keep your fryer oil clean and food tasting great.

When should you be filtering?

For best results we recommend that you filter at the beginning of the day and before and after your typical rush times. After talking with our customers we have found this works best to keep your oil clean without getting in the way of important cook times.


How to filter the 340

1. Start by turning the control panel to the off position and connecting the drain swivle to the top connection of the fryer. Next do a quarter turn to the drain valve… wait a few seconds and then open the valve completely.


2. The oil level will slowly drop as oil will fill the drain pan. Once it is done turn the pump motor on located on the left of the drain pan.

3. Now oil will drain from the top drain swivle. Let this go for about 30-45 seconds to get any leftover debris down to the drain pan. After that close the drain valve and let the vat fill back up.

4. Once it is only air coming out of the drain swivle cut the motor off and turn the control panel back on. After several prompts it will ask if the pot is filled and simply hit yes and it will heat back up to temp.

For restaurants with a heavy breaded menu five point offers the heavy breading filter kit which bolsters a thicker filter pad and connection to give you more protection for those more serious levels of fall off.

If you want to know more fill out this brief survey and a Five Point Equipment Specialist will reach out and get you taken care of.



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